Choose among different plastisol transfer styles

Made by screenprinters for printers. All transfers are tested in house. 2 days turn around

Classical Transfers

Classical transfers are printed on a hot peel paper with opaque inks to create opaque transfers on any garment color.
Ideal for multi-colors and fine details. Works well on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends, rayon, linen and Lycra. Hot peel coated paper for fast ink release. 
– Long wash resistance.
– Medium stretching resistance.
– Pressing temp. : 360F-400F. 375F works perfectly with Hotronix Heat Press.
– Pressing time : 7-12 sec.
– Medium/Heavy pressure.
– Hot peel.

Soft Transfers

Soft or usually called vintage transfers are printed on a hot split-paper to release 80% of the ink on the garment and the rest remains on the paper. Soft transfers create soft touch prints, similar to water based screen printing.
– Long wash resistance.
– Good stretching resistance.
– Works good on light or pastel garments. Lose opacity on darker garments.
– Pressing temp : 375F.
– Pressing time : 7-12 sec.
– Medium/Heavy pressure.
– Hot peel.

Athletic Transfers

Athletic transfers are printed on a cold-peel paper. Cold-peel papers provide a glossy look to the print. It can be removed by pressing a parchemin paper on top of the design. Athletic transfers tend to have a rubbery feeling.
Opaque transfers, because all of the ink is transferred on the garment.
– Long wash resistance.
– Medium stretching resistance.
– Works good on any garment color.
– Pressing temp: 375F
– Pressing time: 12-15 sec.
– Medium pressure.
– Cold peel. Wait 15-30 sec before peeling the paper.

Performance Transfers

Performance transfers are mostly used to be applied on non-conventional fabrics as nylon, satin fabrics or any garments that will need high stretching capabilities (100% polyesters). Each performance transfer is backed with a dye migration base and printed with a high stretching ink. On top of that we print an adhesive for faster adhesion to the garment. As the heat pressing temp. will decrease at around 270F-300F, the time might be adjusted in consequence. We recommend starting around 10 seconds and go lower if there is some dye migration happening.
* All performance transfers must be purchased with a sales representative by email. No online orders will be accepted.

Pricing Guide

Qty One color Two colors Three colors Setup fees
4-24 1.75$ 2.20$ 4.25$ 25$ per color*
24-99 1.60$ 2.15$ 3.10$ *12$ any additional color
100-399 0.90$ 1.40$ 1.90$
400 + 0.75$ 0.99$ 1.50$

*4 pcs. minimum.
**Up to 12″ x 9.5″.
*** No gang sheets accepted, single design.

QTY One color Two colors Three colors Full color
2 12.00$ 23.00$ 29.00$ 35.00$
5 9.75$ 10.30$ 10.70$ 11.20$
10 7.90$ 8.45$ 9.70$ 10.30$
24 4.35$ 4.85$ 5.40$ 5.99$
60 3.80$ 3.99$ 4.20$ 4.60$
100 3.40$ 3.90$ 4.15$ 4.45$
148 2.60$ 2.80$ 2.99$ 3.20$
280 1.35$ 1.65$ 1.90$ 2.10$
500 1.20$ 1.55$ 1.40$ 1.90$
*Setup fees : 20$ first color, 12$ any additional colors. **Full color setup fee : 56$. ***Performance transfers + 0.20¢ per print.

Printing Process

All designs are screen printed.
Single or multiple colors are usually printed using the Pantone color system. We print each color separetely.
Full colors images are printed using the cmyk method or the simulated process.
All transfers are then put in a conveyor dryer to semi-cure the ink. Final cure is happening when you will be heat pressing the transfers. All designs are printed in mirror, please submit your designs in regular view.

Ordering is currently only available by email, write us at [email protected]

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