Screen Printed Transfer Labels

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Hot Peel Transfer Labels

Screen printed transfers labels are perfect for decorating your garments with a personal tag. Place them inside the neck of your garment or add them anywhere for a personal touch. Maximum size available is 3″ x 3″. You can use them to print on sleeves, caps, masks and much more.

Pre-press the garment to remove all moisture.
It’s important to pre-press fleeces to create a flat surface.
Press temp : 375F
Press time : 7-15 sec.
Pressure : Medium – Heavy
Hot peel or cold peel.
*Hot peel transfers are more suitable for t-shirts and lightweight items. Cold peel transfers are better to use on fleeces and caps. Cold peel transfers create a glossy finish look.

Performance Transfer Labels

Performance transfer labels are the same as regular labels, but we add an extra adhesive for extra stretching resistance.
They are printed on a cold peel paper.

Pricing Guide

QTY One color Two colors 3″x3″
100 0.17¢ 0.28¢ +0.10¢
200 0.16¢ 0.26¢ +0.10¢
400 0.15¢ 0.30¢ +0.10¢
600 0.10¢ 0.25¢ +0.07¢
1,200 0.08¢ 0.23¢ +0.05¢
8,000 0.05¢ 0.20¢ +0.05¢
50,000 0.03¢ 0.15¢ +0.04¢
*Setup fees : 20$ first color +12$ additional color. **Performance labels are + 0.10$

Printing Process

All transfers are screen printed.
Single or multiple colors are usually printed using the Pantone color system. We print each color separetely.

All transfers are then put in a conveyor dryer to semi-cure the ink, most comonly called gelling . Final cure is happening when you will be heat pressing the transfer.


Screen printed transfer label tags are perfect for masks decorations. Fast, easy and cost efficient way to print on masks

You can also print on caps. A heavy pressure is necessary to apply the transfer on the cap. 

Inside t-shirt label tag. Screen printed label tags can be applied inside the neck tag of a t-shirt, hoodie or any other garment. For fleece items, we recommend using cold peel transfers.

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